Connecting people places and things

Just a few examples our solutions address with an easy, effective, and enjoyable to use system

  • home automation

    Comfort, peace of mind, safety, energy savings, as well as loss prevention are fun and easy with MONISENSE

  • commercial

    Automation, access control, geo tracking, and more from one interface that works on all of your devices

  • Remote monitoring and controls

    Whether it's day-to-day operations or a one time research project, MONISENSE provides solutions to fit your technical requirements and budget

  • Connected consumer

    Comfort and the security of control can also be placed at the user’s fingertips while having fun interacting with new and exciting devices.

  • Custom Solutions

    Monisense provides customers with an array of options when it comes to designing and implementing their own custom solutions.

  • Monisense Remote

    End to end solutions that support cross platform monitoring and control. Fully customizable UI and extensive options of supported hardware or (BYOD) "bring your own device".

Features of MONISENSE

Easy setup and fun to use

Your devices automatically show up in your account. Drag and drop icons to your desired placement. One touch account alert's activation or per device. Easy account sharing "no complicated user management".


Whether it’s one or many devices and accounts

Our unique sharing feature allows you to share your account with family, friends, and neighbors from around the corner to around the globe. Connect to as many devices or users as you like; we have you covered.


Fully configurable

It's your site, so we want you to be able to customize it in a way that suites you. From themes, icons, backgrounds and colors you choose how your account looks and feels.


Works with your devices

Access your account from any device on the internet wherever you are, whenever you want. Connect to all of what you care about; cameras, lights, sensors, controls, gps tracking, and third party media like traffic cameras or even Facebook. The possibilities are limitless with MONISENSE.


User experience driven innovation

Proud to provide our users with best in class solutions and customer experience in the integration process. We have worked hard to make it the most intuitive, effective, and flexible option on the market. Thank you!