The Power Of The IOT In Your Hands

Custom Solutions

We provide a platform for users to manage and interact with many different devices and applications, simplifying their experience. The intuitive interface is customizable to the user's identity and allows for cross platform functionality.

The API allows developers to easily integrate their ideas to real world iot applications without having to have advanced programming knowledge. This will save you time and money on production for your next IOT project.

Architecture scalability to accommodate any user, with fast and secure data handling, customizable user settings, guest access control, as well as custom map and background image support. Additionally you are able to set parameters for conditional control of devices and SMS or email messaging.

Our solutions provide device and application management platforms for your interaction with device monitoring and control, geo tracking, advanced analytics, and even supports third party feeds ie “social media, shopping, news, weather sports etc”. Contact us for pricing and details, and more information on how you can enjoy all the benefits and limitless innovation with Monisense.